Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Another Gilas Summer: Gilroy Fun Run 2012

Sup wit it? As we all know, Gilroy cracks off in July. After spending a considerable amount of time not in Gilas in July for the past 2 years, I've decided to make that FOCHO staycay a priority. We couldn't make it down for the 4th, which commemorates the Gilas fun, but we did make it down for the following pachanga: the car show!
22nd to Gilas
Gilas Train Station

The car show itself was dope. Hella G'd out cars, but I only took pics of a few lowriders... musta been all them dranks the bars were sellin in To-Go cups!

6th and Monterey
Oh Hey Ale!
So many vatos we on the other side of this thing. G ish.
Otra vista.
Of course we bound to run into plenty good folks. :)
Paisa Slap
Mmmmmm Darrell runs them beer tents!
Isss Leeeapuurrd!

Leaving the show...

PJ needed some munchies, and to look at the top half of naughty mags.
The contents of PJ's backseat. I made us listen to the CD.

That evening Rocio generously hosted us at her house to celebrate her B-Day (along with Case's!). All day at the house, her mom had been working on the MEANEST tacos: Carne asada mixed with chorizo and bacon... LATE! And Happy Birthday!

Everyone ate at least 8 tacos. THANK YOU LUPE!!!!!!

Cheah! Happy B-Day to the rest of my July bebes! We suuuuuper out cheah! Onto the big dance fo muckas: G-FEST!!!!!!! See y'all there. :)

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