Tuesday, September 4, 2012

FOCHO in Gilroy!


I Gotta Faaarrrt
That's right!!!! The crew is once again linking up in the heart of it all: the South, South Bay, the great 408, Gilas! We're stoked to be playing at this year's Extreme Youth event at the Gilroy Skate Park, hosted by the (insert corny fake gratuitous adjective) GPD. Whatever yo, it's an ALL AGES EVENT, little kids are gonna shred on BMX and skateboards, plus food and cool stuff, so I'm hype. It all starts sometime before noon and goes on till 6. Expect many a Gilroy guest MC for this one. We play at 3pm, but come out earlier to hang and sheck it ouwwwww! Hope to see y'all out there! Cheah!

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