Wednesday, December 19, 2012

You would think...

With all that focho as a crew has been up to that we'd actually have more posts up on this bish.

Ummmmm.... Just an observation.

Here's more random pics from my iPad.

Shout out to cousin Beary for the new digs. Shit is MAD pimperish.

If youre in the bay for new years I would suggest hitting up dj Kleenkut. Homeboys got gigs for days!

The taco pictured is from our homie thanksgiving celebration. Good times. What your looking at is a pancit/adobo tostada. SMACKIN'!!!!!

My favorite City council and campaign manager combo;)

A rocking pony posted on a rolling pony.

Random pic from the funk stew I was able to make it out to.

Yesterday's sunset from my roof.

A calling card I shot in Gilas.

Shout out to the wans.

Yes I paid $7 for yet another mpc. Bringing my total up to 5 now.

Love you all and can't wait till we're reunited.

Till that day comes..


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