Thursday, January 24, 2013

36" of Stevie. My Asstoria stencil. You already know the sandos at charlies. Had to re-cop that ybb DVD cause its way too tight to not own. A beer selection from nye in morocco. The 2 fiches plate is clearly a new York special. I lol'ed hella much when I read it. Those are brains at a deli in Rabat. A sprayed stencil and a $16 t-bone in Casablanca. And a baby ass coffee. Yeah, that's all for now. I've been in the lab every night. Plotting. Chopping. Blending. When I make a post on the blogger app it puts all your photos on the bottom and text up top. Sorry you get all the captions in a jumble. But at least you're getting some content!!! Just read on Facebook that cyph now has the ability to record at home. DOOOOOOPPPPPEEEEE!!! Good yob vato!! Das it!!!

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