Friday, February 22, 2013

Pretty much

Dear Billie,

You're too much. Thank you for being too much. It means a lot right now.

<'s -Frankie

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dangerous Grinds

Andy Maguire, everyone's favorite BMX ridin', obscure history referencin' day laborer dropped pure STEEZ in this inner city, urban drama of peg setups and unwaxed glory. Cheah!!!

Dangerous Grinds from Andy Maguire on Vimeo.

If you enjoy BMX, Santa Cruz, and antic abound, be sure to check up on his blog "Country Clubbin'".

May fourth.

Shout out to Robert and his team for getting that mayweather fight. As soon as I seen that it was a go, I started looking for plane tickets... Then i realized it's the same weekend as the five borough bike tour. I got my back against the ropes. But considering this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, I will be fighting the bloody fight for time off. Hopefully I see you all in Vegas.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Monday, February 18, 2013

Ali's new band, Astorica played their first show out in Harlem on Wednesday. Man, they got a sound. And that's no lie. The band is composed of two Turks, two Algerians and a dude from Zimbabwe. What you get is a very eclectic sound ranging from traditional African, to jazz, to rock and everything in between. Here is a quick show promo that was shot while we were filming for our shop video. If you watch it till the end you'll get a screen grab of all the hilarity that is to come in our shop jump off.

The only pic in this post that isn't from last Wednesday is the screen grab. In the photo my instructor is showing us a granular synthesis software. I could try to explain it to you.... Pero shit is deep. If you stare at the pic long enough you'll probably figure it out. Basically every wave is composed of hella grains. The lines he's got drawn through the waves are only selecting those grains of sound. Then you get to have all kinds of fun with those grains by adding all your typical effects and what not. As some of you may already know I started taking an online course (totally free) called intro to sound design. They cover what sound is and how humans process it. Then it goes on to audio formats and recording technics. Then synthesis. And lightweight DAW instruction. I can't even begin to tell you how much this course has really helped me understand what I've been doing for the past 10 years!!! Hahaha!! I can make my analogue synth do whatever I want. I've had it for almost a decade... But now fully understanding what is happening when I move one of those sliders is giving me different perspective on synthesis. It's DOPE!!!! So cheah!!! I just signed up for another one that starts on the first. Giving my level of satisfaction with my previous course I would recommend this to all the homies.

Shoot me text if you do decide to try the music production bit. I'd love to hear what you think of it all.

Other than that, I'm grinding on the low. Got hella signatures to close down the street in front of the shop. Have to submit the permit pretty soon here. Countdown to july 20 is going to fly! Summer is just around the corner.. And believe me, you can't beat summer in NYC.(unless it's the last weekend of July in gilroy, hahaha!)

That's all for the moment. With all that spare time you have, you should put something on here to satisfy your audience. The people want to know! Gawdammitt!




Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Yeah, it's a real thing. People celebrate it. Go out. Have drinks. Relay memories of the last year with their closest. Right now I'm pretty stuck on how hard last year went. I honestly feel like I've had the privilege of accomplishing so much in this city since my arrival three years ago. The amount of inspiration is irreplaceable. Last year was something else. Great. Overwhelming. Emotional. Spiritual. Monumental. Epic. Eye opening. Trying. It was a fucking battle where in which I was the victor. Proud of my labors and savory every moment they afforded me. The quality of life out here can be a huge obstacle for a native Californian. So used to our laid back approach to all that is life. Being introduced to this city can have you feeling like you're tearing at the seams. I know that's how I felt. Like there was so much to take in and so much to process, that I was bound to lose my mind. And gradually I began to understand that "New York Hustle/Money." Perhaps its not a New York thing. Maybe I just matured into a capitalistic savage under the bright lights of a city that doesn't sleep. I know that sounds crazy but I think it has some sort of truth. I've made close to 100 t-shirts in my day. And I've only sold maybe 5. All the rest were given to appreciators, homies, and loved ones. Shit, I even hit off a couple of total strangers. I've never felt as though I was in competition with anyone but myself. And yet my own best just got MUCH better. Keeping up with the Paisa1er of my last ny year is going to take quite a bit hustle. With hustle comes stress. With stress comes headaches. With headaches comes discouragement. And by overcoming, you are granted TOTAL ELATION. An out of body experience matched by no combination of drugs or alcohol. We all need that feeling. This is something I personally need to remember. I know I myself get caught up in the whirlwind of toxins. This is a reoccurring issue among myself and many of my closest friends.... Some of which are my brothers in this Familia known as Focho. I know life can stomp the fight out of person in a New York minute. And sometimes the only way to "feel" alive is to intoxicate yourself. Yes, this is by definition, an addict. So what's the recourse? Finding a balance between toxins, inspiration, occupation and motivation is all I can come up with at the moment. Getting wasted can put inspiration (or a false sense of it) straight into the fast lane. But it will stagger your work. Your occupation. And your motivation... Well I guess that depends on how much control you have. Knowing we're all one an others greatest enablers is a double edge sword. Fuck yeah LET'S PARTY.. And then not get shit done. Or watch one another fall off.. All bad. Stop killing each other. I've been dying to write this particular rant and it looks like my 3 year ny anni has become my outlet. I don't want to preach tough so ill wrap it up... I know I got family back home going through hella much right now. Just know I got your back no matter how far I may be. We're all we got. Rally behind one another and be each others support system.


Stay strong. I miss you and I love you.



Thursday, February 7, 2013

Steady Giggen

Focho been on the grind. The band played one of our best sets ever at the Gas Lighter in Gilas couple weeks ago. Last week L to the... Cyphezzzy and Modern Maker played at the Rockit room in SF . Then last night L to the... Killed it for a surprisingly large crowd out for a Wednesday night at the long house in gilroy. Chea!

New music is in the works and new shows are being planned stay posted. Yeee son! Focho What !

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Went Hard!


Ain't been doin much of the social networking and for this, I apologize.  Sad thing is, aside from that golf hustle and the coinciding bubble with mi amor & marley (and me), ain't been doin to much real networking con ustedes er nobody really.  But as they say, this year's the year!  Me and La Catrina steady getting our footing, and now she fitting to be bringin home bigger paychecks than daddy...sensuous rainy day fund?  (Frankie you feel meh?)  So, apologies all around as we been neglecting that focho familia unintentionally.  Love all you m'fers and let's catch up!

I know it's been said, but last year went hard...all of you made the last year on the mayan calendar the shit, so thanks!  Some of these you've seen, some you haven't; hoarding rehab <

oldie, but hella goodie


 focho makes me feel like...



 this shit actually went down!

 so did that!

 ride or die

 fool has two jobs and they both involve saving the world

 Imma see this fool at the shlonghouse tomorrow

 brought sexy back

 gun show

 brown note

 ice cold

separated at birth


 hiero day happened


 hostest with the mostest

 told you!


 cheeks on skins

 this hot pocket didn't burn my mouf just my ear hair

 the mufuckin...


 man behind the mask

 up and down the coast more than junipero serra

loves y'all