Monday, February 18, 2013

Ali's new band, Astorica played their first show out in Harlem on Wednesday. Man, they got a sound. And that's no lie. The band is composed of two Turks, two Algerians and a dude from Zimbabwe. What you get is a very eclectic sound ranging from traditional African, to jazz, to rock and everything in between. Here is a quick show promo that was shot while we were filming for our shop video. If you watch it till the end you'll get a screen grab of all the hilarity that is to come in our shop jump off.

The only pic in this post that isn't from last Wednesday is the screen grab. In the photo my instructor is showing us a granular synthesis software. I could try to explain it to you.... Pero shit is deep. If you stare at the pic long enough you'll probably figure it out. Basically every wave is composed of hella grains. The lines he's got drawn through the waves are only selecting those grains of sound. Then you get to have all kinds of fun with those grains by adding all your typical effects and what not. As some of you may already know I started taking an online course (totally free) called intro to sound design. They cover what sound is and how humans process it. Then it goes on to audio formats and recording technics. Then synthesis. And lightweight DAW instruction. I can't even begin to tell you how much this course has really helped me understand what I've been doing for the past 10 years!!! Hahaha!! I can make my analogue synth do whatever I want. I've had it for almost a decade... But now fully understanding what is happening when I move one of those sliders is giving me different perspective on synthesis. It's DOPE!!!! So cheah!!! I just signed up for another one that starts on the first. Giving my level of satisfaction with my previous course I would recommend this to all the homies.

Shoot me text if you do decide to try the music production bit. I'd love to hear what you think of it all.

Other than that, I'm grinding on the low. Got hella signatures to close down the street in front of the shop. Have to submit the permit pretty soon here. Countdown to july 20 is going to fly! Summer is just around the corner.. And believe me, you can't beat summer in NYC.(unless it's the last weekend of July in gilroy, hahaha!)

That's all for the moment. With all that spare time you have, you should put something on here to satisfy your audience. The people want to know! Gawdammitt!




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