Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Went Hard!


Ain't been doin much of the social networking and for this, I apologize.  Sad thing is, aside from that golf hustle and the coinciding bubble with mi amor & marley (and me), ain't been doin to much real networking con ustedes er nobody really.  But as they say, this year's the year!  Me and La Catrina steady getting our footing, and now she fitting to be bringin home bigger paychecks than daddy...sensuous rainy day fund?  (Frankie you feel meh?)  So, apologies all around as we been neglecting that focho familia unintentionally.  Love all you m'fers and let's catch up!

I know it's been said, but last year went hard...all of you made the last year on the mayan calendar the shit, so thanks!  Some of these you've seen, some you haven't; hoarding rehab <

oldie, but hella goodie


 focho makes me feel like...



 this shit actually went down!

 so did that!

 ride or die

 fool has two jobs and they both involve saving the world

 Imma see this fool at the shlonghouse tomorrow

 brought sexy back

 gun show

 brown note

 ice cold

separated at birth


 hiero day happened


 hostest with the mostest

 told you!


 cheeks on skins

 this hot pocket didn't burn my mouf just my ear hair

 the mufuckin...


 man behind the mask

 up and down the coast more than junipero serra

loves y'all 


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