Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Zone 6

Tomorrow night!!! Zone 6 is gonna get it! I'm performing my full album live, can't wait.

This nuggo usin his Eastern Time advantage to fire shots!! I got free time today bluud! This weekend was certainly a doosey. Saturday was spent watching TV/mental n physical recharge, so the blog hadta wait. I get into my L To The.../ MP music mode when dealing with the blog sometimes, meaning I want to put a lot of time, and a certain type of energy and creativity into it, but those just aren't easy to come by nowadays. Times change, the approach adapts. Don't get caught slippin!

First and foremost, I want to give thanks to everyone that took time to listen to the album. There were a lot of you, so that's awesome. I still want, wait, NEED more of y'all to download it and give it a good listen, check out the lyrics, etc. Please SHARE!!!  
Aite Late!

 The album was a huge building block for me, freed up lots of potential energy for shows and new material. My follow up, "On Track", is scheduled for release in June of this year, so just know I'm workin for y'all!
On Track, Sco bound.

Thanks holmes. I'm surprised that shit made it here, half the address wiped off (I blurred it out, but you can see what I'm talkin about)! 
Sippin on Chrome

Here's some random flicks. Stay up in 2013 y'all!

FOCHO, All Bay all day!

Our private, out-of-service MUNI chariot after a KRS-One show.


Homemade in SJ


Cooler than a gato in the veggie isle.

Keepin It Movin Every Revolution

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