Monday, March 11, 2013

Don't Just Type About It...

Skype about it:

Studio FOCHO Sco Mang v2.4.4

Serato FINALLY released a beta version of Scratch Live that works with Windows 8, so I finally plunked down some bucks for a laptop. I know what you're all saying, "why didn't you just buy a Macbook?" $1400 yo... ain't nobody got time for that! (One and only time I'll say that on the internet, I swear.)

DJ mobility and self-sufficiency, CHECK!

As an added bonus, adding the laptop to the home udio setup provides more breathing room for production. Scratch Live takes up a lot of space on screen, so having a dedicated screen for it is tight. It allows me to have more stationary editing windows, such as the mixing board and wave editor.

4th Screen Coming Soon ;)

 Also, SL is a beast program that requires hella processing power. When running Cubase full force with multiple tracks, effects, and the full gamut of options, the sound quality of the recordings is jeopardized. Throughout the "Aite Late" album, you can hear random pops and clicks caused by my GPU tapping out. (On the 1st scratch hook for the 2nd part of the song "Aite Late", the distortion is NOT on purpose. :\ ) Running SL on a separate rig will help make my recordings sound much cleaner.

On Track

So, basically, this is the setup that will produce my next solo album "On Track", or the majority of it anyhow. I have some bad ass producers on board as well. You may have noticed the synth... yup, decided to step out of purely sample based production to add a little more depth to my beats.  But don't worry, samples will still be the bulk of my sound, everything remains raw.

Progress is being made, but there's always more work to do! Back to work! Feel free to share your setup and approach to making music in the comments or on my FB page:



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