Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Hijacking the name!

Sup wit ya boy?

Found another old post that didn't publish.... Haha


Took Dee to check out John Legend for her bday.. Dude is nice on the keys and got some pipes. His cover of "dancing in the dark" by Bruce Springsteen is REALLY GOOD. He definitely put on for everyone in the Beacon Theatre. Bravo

Editors note: I wrote this post back in October and it somehow didn't publish... So there

Rip 5 Pointz

Sad day for the Hip Hop community. 

Rest In Paint

Saturday, November 2, 2013

What up FOCHOdotcom????

I'm just here to say hey, what up, que honda, namaste, vanacome, what it doodoo, etc.

L To The... better than yo average DJ

I put together this little mix above, check it out! Got the next one on deck, just gotta record it. This will be a regular thang, workin on my game to start a Hip-Hop monthly in the Sco soon. Keepin it movin for the barrio mang!

The things you find in Gilas

In news of MY music, I have 7 preliminary beats for my next album, and a few shreds of lyrics, but they're dope. Album "On Track" for March 2014.
On Track

La Mission. Love my hood mang. Always be inspired.


FOCHO... You just gotta feel us!!!! It's Saturday, go have fun!