Monday, February 17, 2014

Don't Be Afraid To Let A Brotha Funk Wit Chu

I initially expressed my absolute love for this song in the vapid chorro that is the Facebook feed, my bad yo, this is def a FOCHO worthy post.

This entire album is fire, I especially admire how humble Shock G is about his involvement. EVERYTHING is credited to D-Flo Productions, but you know that Shock is the mastermind behind it all: main vocals, artwork, artistic direction, etc. No egos, just reppin for the team, that's what's up.

This song tho, these are the reasons it stay on hit for meeeee:

- Serious subject expressed in a beautiful/positive/uplifting manner
- Subtle/clever lyrics that are extremely powerful/have a clear message
- Very personal approach
- Unique rhyme schemes
- In line with the overall theme of the album 
- Creative, multi-layered sampling
- Solid, deep bass and smackin drums.
- They let that shit bang for 7+ minutes
- It sounds good and feels good, ain't no arguing with the feeling.

Anyhow, this is the kind of music I strive to make, but of course with my style/message/sound. I hope to be able to share some with you all soon. For now, I'mma just share what makes me still feel them feels for this Hip-Hop tang tang. "Would you let a nucca doo woo you?"



  1. When I first started rapping, I read an interview where Shock G said that anyone that does a track with D.U. is a member of D.U.. It was my goal and dream to become a Digital Underground member.... alas Im a failure.

  2. Ha! That's awesome Quest. You still got time bro!