Monday, December 15, 2014

Fochocation 2014 Peru y Argentina

Shot on location in NYC, Lima, Cuzco, the train tracks from Hidro Electrico to Aguas Calientes,  Machu Picchu, Buenos Aires and assorted roads of the Andes. This "blog" hasn't got much love as of late so chose this as my place to upload all my pics from the trip so I can try fuck up your computer. Jus kiddings. you know i gots nothing but love for you. FOCHO y que?


"How much for a flight tomorrow?"

 Guy was having issues with Inca Cola on the flight from Lim to Cuz


This photo was taken at a ruin near jesus. Pero not, AT Jesus. js.

Lil boss right here.

Sums up driving in the Andes.

bad ass job.

 The cut in Lima.

 Guy going hella hard on that brunch move.

 Guy going hard on that exercise machine.


 I see peru ana in nyc all the time.

 I tried to make a move on some anthony bordain ft'd spot in Santiago, Chile. I got there right after they close to prepare for dinner. Ended up rocking some decent ceviche anyway. That's all I got from my camera. 

Aight <'s