Sunday, January 21, 2018

Serato Party

The homie Derek has a pretty tight job. When he's not working on his brand Raisin Heads, he puts on in the Brooklyn Serato studio, hosting events and producing multimedia content.
Frankie, Tyson, Pat y Derek.
This past Friday the folks at Serato were hosting a party, so Diana and I had to pull up. The studio/lounge is on point. Big couches and art to fill the huge open space with music equipment and controllers strewn about for your creative exploration.
Studio Art
What I really dug about the space is they have 4 or 5 separate set's of nice studio monitors around the room, each hooked up to different drum machines, synths and controllers. At some point in the night folks were chillin on a huge L couch, jamming along with the DJ through their own speakers. So much fun.

Side Rigs.
It almost felt like a controller archive when looking behind the main set up. I would imagine they could host any DJ ever and make that person feel at home with their selection.
The Main Stage
Darling Chuck on the Main Stage
As soon as Chuck threw on that P-Lo, it was a wrap
Always a great time kicking it with the homies.


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