Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Happy Birthday to the mackadocious one, pinche Guy! He and the Mrs are mosting in the Europe, and likely doing awesome stuff and playing music in super cool French places. Here we are in San Jose after adopting an orphaned pizza that was like 70% uneaten.


G-Town BizCayne
Viva la FOCHO guey! Got to cruise the G a bit and max out, was the best way to transition back to the grind. Operation Back to BAYsics is fully underway, should be back by G-Fest. Until then, trying to hold onto them motherland vibes for as long as possible (I'll do a post about India soon) and make music while I do the day to day thang. Ready and inspired to root myself back in Bay soil and sprinkle game in a major way.

For all of us who are physically separated from the Bay currently, this should get you hype. Bless up yall!! YEE!!

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